Enbio S Black

Enbio S Black  can be used for sterilising tools in basic healthcare, dental clinics and treatment rooms.
It can also be used for non-medical applications, including beauty, wellness, veterinary, tattoo and piercing studios, and hairdressers. Class B autoclave is the only method that ensures full effectiveness
and safety of sterilization.

  • Medical device certificate
  • Most compact size  on the market: 25 cm(W) x 16 cm(H) x 56 cm(L)
  • Fastest (7 min)
  • Class B (highest) – medical device certificate
  • Tools can be sterilised in bulk or in packs
  • Conforms to all EU standards

More details

£ 920.00
+19%VAT= £ 1,094.80TAX ENABLED


Quiet and compact

Compact design, small dimensions and quiet operation allow you to use Enbio S always at hand.

7 minut kolko.png

Ultra fast

The instant sterilization process means that every tool that is needed can be sterilized right away.

100_ ico_100.png

Data archiving

Each sterilization operation is automatically stored on a USB drive.

Program134°C FAST134°C121°C
Type of toolsunwrappedwrapped/unwrapped
Initial vacuum133
Sterilization time3,5 min4 min15 min
Drying time-3 min5 min
Total process time7 min15 min30 min


Power supply230V/50Hz
Power output3250 W
Maximum current consumption15 A
Operating pressure2,1 Bar
Maximum pressure2,3 Bar
Maximum process temperature137°C
Volume of the process chamber2,7L
Dimensions of the process chamber (LxWxH)292 x 192 x 45mm
External dimension of the device (LxWxH)561 x 252 x 162mm
IP CodeIP20
Recording process dataUSB Drive