Enbio S – compact steam steriliser for tools

Enbio S can be used for sterilising tools in basic healthcare, dental clinics and treatment rooms.
It can also be used for non-medical applications, including beauty, wellness, veterinary, tattoo and piercing studios, and hairdressers. Class B autoclave is the only method that ensures full effectiveness
and safety of sterilization.

  • Medical device certificate
  • Most compact size on the market: 25 cm(W) x 16 cm(H) x 56 cm(L)
  • Fastest (7 min)
  • Class B (highest) – medical device certificate
  • Tools can be sterilised in bulk or in packs
  • 2 years warranty
  • Conforms to all EU standards

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£ 860.00
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Steam Jet LP1 by Actum Lab | Augmenting The World on Sketchfab

W autoklawie typu Steamjet, sterylizacji mogą być poddawane wszystkie narzędzia, których używanie wiąże się z niebezpieczeństwem naruszenia ciągłości tkanek, bądź kontaktu z krwią i innymi wydzielinami. Dotyczy to narzędzi do manicure i pedicure w gabinetach kosmetycznych, w tym: pilników, nożyczek, pęset, cążek, szczypiec, dłut czy frezarek.

W gabinetach stomatologicznych sterylizator Steamjet można wykorzystywać do sterylizacji: skalerów, kiret, spreaderów, zagłębników, ekskawatorów, lusterek oraz końcówek stomatologicznych.

Ultra fast

Due to instant process of sterilization any needed tool can be sterilized right away.

Quiet and compact

As Enbio S prides itself in compact design, small dimensions and quiet operation it is always handy and ready to use.

Sterilization cycles

Program134°C FAST134°C121°C
Type of toolsUnwrappedWrapped and unwrapped
Initial vacuum133
Sterilization time3,5 min4 min15 min
Drying time-3 min5 min
Total process time7 min15 min30 min

Tools & Instruments

Instruments subject to sterilization should be clean, dry, properly packaged and placed in the sterilizer chamber.
Complementary or rarely used instruments should be sterilized in packages. Only 1 set of tools ready to use immediately after sterilization can be sterilized unwrapped.


Plug and Play

Operation of the Enbio S autoclave is intuitive, requires no additional training, and all you need is a standard electrical outlet. Just turn it on and start to work. As simple as that.


All functions are operated from the intuitive touchscreen, which displays the progress of the sterilization process.

Data archiving and reading

Each sterilization operation is automatically stored on a USB drive

You can find more information about Enbio S at our homepage:

Power supply230V/50Hz
Power output3250 W
Maximum current consumption15 A
Operating pressure2,1 Bar
Maximum pressure2,3 Bar
Weight15 kg
Maximum process temperature137°C
Volume of the process chamber2,7l
Dimensions of the process chamber (LxWxH)292 x 192 x 45mm
External dimension of the device (LxWxH)561 x 252 x 162mm
IP CodeIP20
Recording process dataUSB Stick

Steamjet is a steam autoclave for sterilizing tools used in dental and cosmetic practices. Ensures full safety of treatments. It guarantees fully sterile tools. Only fully sterilized tools provide protection against hepatitis B and C, HIV, diseases caused by fungi from the Candida family.

Autoclave, hoses with bottle stoppers, hepa filter, manual, warranty, certificate for hanging on the wall, CE certificate for medical devices, quick start guide, invoice

Hot, saturated steam under high pressure.

You can sterilize tools made of metal, rubber, silicone, and all others that can be sterilized.

Before the sterilization process in Steamjet, the tools should be washed and soaked in a sterilizing liquid.

It is possible to sterilize both: wrapped and unwrapped.

The program at 134 degrees takes 15 minutes and at 121 degrees takes 30 minutes. Both programs include drying.

The device drawer holds up to 8 packages

Power supply 230V/50Hz
Power output 3500 W
Maximum current consumption 15 A
Operating pressure 2,1 Bar
Maximum pressure 2,3 Bar
Maximum process temperature 137°C
Volume of the process chamber 2,7l
Dimensions of the process chamber (LxWxH) 292x192x45mm
External dimension of the device (LxWxH) 561x252x162mm
Weight 15kg
IP Code IP20
Recording process data USB Drive

Solid, metal, anodised housing in several available colors
Vacuum pump of the Japanese company Ulvac
Capacity of sterilization cassette - up to 8 tool packages
Touch screen supporting 2 permanent programs and 2 test programs
The tools can be inserted into the cassette wrapped or unwrapped
Class B; EN13060
Warranty 2 years

If the device fails, our 2-year warranty covers the replacement of the autoclave with a new one. We send a courier who will deliver a new device, and collect the damaged one. The service is free of charge.

You can return our products in 2 weeks time after buying.

The return form you can find in our regulations. You can also download it from our website: https://www.enbio-group.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Return_form_EN.pdf

Please send it by e-mail info@enbio-group.com

After receiving return form, we will order a courier to collect your device from you.

Steamjet weighs 15 kg and the size is 56 x 25 x 16 cm

White, blue, green, yellow and pink

- Steamjet changes the philosophy of work - It is quiet and compact and has small dimensions
- Shorter sterilization process
- Lower operating costs through lower consumption of electricity and water
- Easy to use and fast. Plug & play

The seller pays for the return shipping

SteamJet is a device with the highest class B certificate

Yes, one external bottle for demineralised water is required, and the other one for condensate.

Due to the very short sterilization process, the Steamjet minimizes the damaging effects.

We recommend a shorter cycle of 134 degrees C, it is fast and effective, but if sterilized tools can not be subjected to such a high temperature, use the temp 121 degrees C - then the sterilization time must be extended to 30 minutes to achieve the same effect.